Feeling Distracted and Indecisive? Here are 6 Ways to Overcome and Power Through

Hannah Boling
5 min readJul 14, 2021

When you get to the end of the day, do you wonder where the hours went? At the beginning of the day you had great ideas, plans, creations; but you finished none of your projects. This magical loss of time particularly plagues individuals who have creative side hustles and freelancers without a set schedule. Things become especially complicated if you are dedicating the majority of your time to a 9–5, striving desperately to “create” your way out of it.

While this is challenging and exhausting, you can focus your time on your goals, manage your free time better, and optimize your decision making skills. Here are 6 ways to stay focused and determine the best use of your time:

1. Pros and Cons List, But With a Twist

The classic “write down the pros and cons and compare” is a decent system, but can result in some issues with value. There may be small pros and large cons to an activity, but in the classic listed format where the pros are lengthy and more appealing, the singular con that is overwhelmingly difficult is ignored due to its singularity.

Listing out pros and cons can be a great idea, and works very well, as long as you include a personalized value system for each pro and con. When you write down a pro or con, be sure to include a value (using tally marks is the most visually appealing) to determine the impact of the pro or con.

For example, if you are trying to decide if you should spend your time watching TV while you have other tasks that need to be completed, you list may look like this:


-Relaxing I

-Entertaining II

-Provides a nice break from work II

-Enjoyable I


-Takes away time that could be spent completing other tasks IIII

-Does not generate income II

-Wastes working hours II

While this is a very simplified list, the concept is applicable to more difficult decisions in life. When totaling up the tally marks, you can see the value of the pros and the cons, not just the quantity. Just like the old saying, it pays to value quality over quantity.

2. Schedule Time for Physical Activity



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